Meet the team

We are a group of dedicated experts working together towards a common goal to equally support development and the conservation of wildlife. If you would like to learn more about us or if you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you.

Paul Whitby

Managing Director/Principal Ecologist

Paul is a Chartered Ecologist with fourteen years experience working as an ecologist and environmental consultant. His career began in Cheshire working on a number of large projects including gas pipelines, waste recovery centres, Liquid Natural Gas installations and other commercial developments. After a short spell working back in his home town of Petworth, Paul set up Azure Ecology in 2009, a small independent ecological consultancy working with a network of sub-contractors across south east England.

Paul founded The Ecology Co-operation in March 2014 to replace Azure Ecology and accomodate the expanding team of ecologists. Paul has working experience with a wide variety of British terrestrial wildlife and has managed projects of all sizes including writing Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA), working as an expert witness at planning enquiries and completing 23 Farm Environment Plans as part of Higher level Stewardship applications across seven different counties. He has survey licenses for bats, dormice and great crested newts and has held a number of European Protected Species licenses.

Aside from ecology, Paul’s interests include Rugby, vegetable gardening, free diving and pretending to be good at DIY.


Dan Bennett

Principal Ecologist

Dan joined the Team in April 2017 and has over 20 years’ practical experience working in the ecology profession, starting in the public sector in 1996 as an aquatic biologist and later, as a conservation officer for the Environment Agency. After a year working on conservation projects abroad, Dan worked in the ecology team for Jacobs UK Ltd for ten years, focussing on Environmental Impact Assessments, mitigation design and execution, and delivering protected species licenses for a variety of large infrastructure projects (highways, pipelines, reservoirs and managed realignment schemes) across the UK. Dan holds survey licenses for bats, dormice, great crested newt and white-clawed crayfish. His strengths lie in the field, surveying for the above species, birds (including wetland, wintering and breeding birds), a variety of invertebrates, and providing succinct reports and practical solutions to mitigation issues.


Outside of work, Dan has enjoyed travelling abroad to find exotic wildlife and volunteering for a variety of wildlife organisations. More recently, staying closer to home, growing veggies and pond dipping in the garden with his young family.


Xenia Snowman

Associate Principal Ecologist

Xenia joined the team in April 2019. She has thirteen years experience advising on protected species within professional ecological organisations, with a further two years volunteering for charities and and research institutions, including in Australia, Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica, Honduras and Borneo, as well as within the UK. She started her ecology career at The Bat Conservation Trust where she worked for four years and went on to work as a freelance Ecologist and for a number of consultancies, from small to national multidisciplinary companies.

Xenia has a particular passion for bats, dormice, badgers, otters and other mammals and holds her Natural England Class 2 Bat Survey Licence, while training towards her Bat Class 3 and 4 Bat Licenses. She has undertaken a combination of mist-netting, harp trapping, radio-tracking and hibernation and swarming surveys of structures and underground cave and mine systems in Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, on the Isle of Wight and in Costa Rica and Honduras. Xenia specialises in advising on and designing bat surveys and mitigation schemes for licenses, implementation and undertaking post-project monitoring. Xenia is soon to gain her Class 1 Hazel Dormouse Survey Licence and is furthering her training in badger survey methodology, mitigation and licensing.

She is certified as an aerial tree climber (PTC CS38), has experience of IRATA climbs of structures, holds her Personal Track Safety Sentinel card for railway work in AC and DC areas, ROLO, CITB and is inducted for Network Rail and East West Rail work. Xenia is Emergency First Aid trained and one of our Mental Health First Aiders. Xenia is experienced in facilitating clients in making informed decisions, including in order to obtain planning consent, whilst managing any issues relating to biodiversity. She is competent in managing multiple projects of varying sizes including housing development schemes, retirement home complexes, school re-development schemes, monument restoration including of Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings, churches and bridges, woodland management and tree works, including for tree felling licences. Xenia is also competent at managing teams of staff and sub‐contractors, designing surveys and mitigation schemes for multiple protected species and has regular involvement with statutory authorities, stakeholders, charities and research institutions in both a professional and volunteer capacity.

In her spare time, Xenia enjoys attempting to grow veg, eating aforementioned veg, camping, travelling and exploring in her campervan. 


Owen Crawshaw

Senior Ecologist

Owen joined the Ecology Co-op in 2019 having previously worked as an Ecologist in South Oxfordshire for five years. He graduated from the University of Bristol in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) degree in Zoology.

Owen is a Full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management with a Level 2 bat survey licence, Level 1 great crested newt survey licence and barn owl survey licence. He specialises in bird surveying having undertaken wintering bird surveys, breeding bird surveys, wetland bird counts and species-specific surveys, including surveys for: barn owl, peregrine, black redstart and skylark. Other relevant ecological experience includes undertaking Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, preparation of European Protected Species Licences and completing tree climbing surveys for roosting bats.

Owen is an avid birdwatcher and photographer and to date has recorded over 750 species globally involving travel to: Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa, Mozambique and Sri Lanka. His other interests include cricket and scuba diving.


Kate Priestman

External Consultant and Proof-Editor

After previously supporting the Ecology Co-op on a freelance basis, undertaking report reviews, Kate joined the team part-time in May 2021.

Kate is a Chartered Environmentalist and full member of CIEEM. She has twenty years experience in consultancy, working for multinational companies at a senior level, on large, complex, public-realm schemes; she has provided the lead ecology role across a broad range of sectors and is experienced in a wide range of deliverables. Kate’s strengths lie in the reporting side of ecology work, supporting the team with report reviews and impact assessments (Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment), amongst other reporting deliverables.

Outside of ecology, Kate spends her time writing, and drawing wildlife and pet portraits. She also enjoys regular hikes around Derbyshire, the Lake District and Wales


Dr Ryan Walker

Associate Principal Ecologist

Ryan gained his PhD in the study of reptiles in Madagascar and has over thirteen years experience working within the commercial ecological management and mitigation field and within the NGO biodiversity conservation sector. His experience extends from consultancy work in the UK to a range of projects internationally across several countries.


Ryan’s strength is in field-based biological surveying . He holds European Protected Species Licenses for bats, dormice and great crested newts and is a Chartered Environmentalist through the Society of the Environment. Ryan’s experience and range of survey skills makes him a highly valued lead surveyor at the Ecology Co-operation.

In his spare time Ryan enjoys hiking, scuba diving and entertaining the worlds most energetic terrier called ‘Otto’.


Sam Lunn

Senior Ecologist

Sam is an established member of the Ecology Co-operation Team, having started with us in April 2013. After completing his Masters at Newcastle University, Sam spent two years in South Africa as a Field guide and Ranger dealing with wildlife and habitat management, guided walks and running volunteer projects. Since joining the Ecology Co-operation Sam has become an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and gained practical experience of great crested newt, badger, water vole, bat and Phase 1 habitat surveys. Sam has attained his level 1 great crested newt license and level 2 bat license, whilst he is also working towards also obtaining his dormouse license.

Sam’s role at the Ecology Co-op includes the management of a number of projects with a variety of Phase 1 and Phase 2 survey elements, including large residential development sites.

Away from work Sam plays rugby for Horsham RUFC, enjoys skiing, wakeboarding and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a Fulham FC supporter.


Emma Baker

Senior Ecologist

Emma joined The Ecology Co-op full-time in March 2018 after a placement with the company as part of her MSc in Corporate Environmental Management in 2017. Emma is now our main point of contact for our Devon office.


Since then, Emma has worked on a range of projects including residential and commercial developments covering retrospective applications, mitigation and enhancement schemes, EcIAs, biodiversity net gain calculations and Habitats Regulations Assessment screenings. She also has experience in Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, translocations and ECoW, as well as Phase 2 surveys for bats, dormice and reptiles. She is an Associate member of CIEEM, and obtained her Great Crested Newt survey licence in 2019, having gained experience across three survey seasons.


Outside of work, Emma enjoys baking, exploring the River Exe, and caring for too many houseplants.



Lynn Spencer

Senior Ecologist

Lynn joined the team in April 2021. She has eight years experience working as an ecologist for several multidiscplinary consultancies. Lynn is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and holds survey licences for bats and great crested newts.

Outside of work Lynn plays the banjo and can be found at blugrass jams and gigs around the country.


Kate Lewis

Senior Ecologist

Kate joined the team in April 2018, having previously worked as an Assistant Botanist, a Field Studies Instructor and as a researcher on various animal behaviour projects.

Kate received a BSc (hons) degree in Zoology at Royal Holloway in 2007 and an MSc in Conservation at UCL in 2017. During the latter, Kate received a first for her dissertation on ‘The development of a terrestrial survey method for UK amphibians’.

Since joining the Ecology Co-op, Kate has become a Graduate member of CIEEM and now has a level 1 great crested newt survey licence. Kate is experienced in carrying out bat, badger, dormouse, GCN and reptile surveys and obtained a dormouse licence in 2020. She is actively training to become an advanced level botanist and is able to undertake National Vegetation Classification surveys for a range of habitat types.

As the most green-fingered person in the office, Kate has set about turning the office into a tropical paradise!


Rozel Hopkins

Consultant Ecologist

Rozel joined the Ecology Co-op in January 2021 after graduating from an MSci Zoology degree at Southampton University and completing a survey season with another ecological consultancy. During her degree she became interested in bats through her master’s dissertation, which investigated how bats behave towards a new type of proposed ‘bat-friendly’ streetlight. Through her work, this batty interest has expanded to reptiles, newts, birds and all other UK wildlife. Rozel has also volunteered on various conservation and animal welfare projects abroad in Tasmania, Greece, Cyprus and Croatia.

Rozel is experienced in assisting with bat emergence/re-entry survey, bat activity surveys and acoustic analysis, working as an ecological clerk of works and undertaking reptile and great crested newt surveys. In the future, she hopes to work towards gaining her bat and great crested newt licences.

Outside of work, Rozel’s interests include kickboxing, netball, travelling (when possible!) and baking, as well as spoiling her three-legged ‘tripod’ hamster Flo.


Sophie Bradfield

Consultant Ecologist

Sophie joined the Ecology Co-op in April 2018. Since graduating with a BSc in 2016, Sophie has built up a varied repertoire of experience, including three seasons in ecological consultancy and various short-term projects in conservation. The projects she has worked on includes aquatic invertebrates, wetland birds, bird ringing, and oak processionary moth surveys.

Sophie is experienced in carrying out surveys for residential and commercial developments including: Ecological Assessments, reptile surveys and translocations, ecological clerk of works, dormouse surveys, bat emergence/re-entry surveys, bat transects and assisting colleagues on bat scoping assessments and great crested newt surveys. Sophie particularly enjoys bat data analysis and data synthesis. Sophie hopes to gain her great crested newt experience in the near future.

Aside from ecology work, Sophie enjoys dancing modern jive and bachata, and has been a social dancer for the past 8 years coming top three in several competitions.


Patrick Kitchener

Consultant Ecologist

Patrick joined the Ecology Co-op in April 2021. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Zoology and a MRes in Biological Science from the University of Exeter in 2016. Before joining the company Patrick has worked as a Biodiversity and Fisheries officer for the Environment Agency and as an Adviser for Natural England, where he has developed an interest in UK ecology.


Patrick is a qualifying member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and has experience in assisting with bat, reptile and great crested newt surveys, having previously worked as a seasonal ecological assistant. He also holds certificates to use chainsaws, brushcutters and strimmers and has experience in practical countryside management.


Outside of work, Patrick enjoys travelling, hiking, surfing and football.


James Whitby

Assistant Ecologist

James joined the Ecology Co-op in April 2021. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Zoology from the University of Plymouth in 2016. Before joining the company, James had completed various work experience placements, but had spent the last 4 years working in construction and spending his time traveling.

James is now a qualifying member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and has experience assisting with bat, reptile and great crested newt surveys. James has since signed on to the apprenticeship scheme through Eden Project Learning and is now studying a MSc in Land and Ecological Restoration.

Outside of work, James enjoys wildlife photography, playing rugby (when he can be bothered), scuba diving and traveling.


Sophie Cardinal

Assistant Ecologist

Sophie joined the team in April 2022 in her first full time role in ecology. Sophie is a psychology graduate, and has a masters in biodiversity conservation, who has experience in local authority, and working in the not-for-profit and education sectors. Sophie has experience undertaking bat emergence surveys and reptile surveys, but is keen to broaden her experience in all areas of ecology, particularly birds, and botanical knowledge.

Sophie is fascinated by how humans and nature interact and is very passionate about multiple causes, including: prescribing nature for health and well-being, and tackling the climate crisis. In her spare time, Sophie volunteers with various local green initiatives. She also enjoys nature walks, discovering plant-based recipes, drawing, journaling and reading.


Holly Waters

Assistant Ecologist

After completing her MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity, Holly has joined The Ecology Co-op as an Assistant Ecologist. Holly is experienced in undertaking bat emergence surveys, reptile surveys, and is looking towards gaining her bat and great-crested newt licences.

As well as pursuing a career in the Ecology sector Holly enjoys a range of sports, such as touch rugby, and crafting.



Rebecca Mortensen

Assistant Ecologist

Rebecca joined Ecology Co-op as an Assistant Ecologist in April 2021, after working as a Ranger for the Aspinall Foundation. She also worked part time as a subcontracted ecological field surveyor for us and other consultancies.  She completed her MSc in Conservation and the International Wildlife Trade in 2017, from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent.  Previous to this, she spent 6 years in the Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa working as a Field Guide/ Ranger.

Rebecca is experienced in carrying out surveys for residential and commercial developments including assisting with Preliminary Ecological Assessments and aquatic invertebrate surveys, conducting bat emergence surveys, reptile surveys, and badger set monitoring.  She also has experience authoring reports in various formats.  Rebecca enjoys exploring every area of ecology but hopes to work towards gaining her bat and dormouse licences in the future.

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys swimming, especially in the sea and preferably when it’s warm, running, hiking and attempting yoga.


Nick Bayne

Assistant ecologist

Nick graduated from Bristol University with an MSci in biology, studying ring-tailed lemur vocalisation and social groups for his dissertation. Nick has previously worked monitoring water/air pollution levels in closed landfill sites around Sussex and has undertaken surveying work as a subcontractor with the ecology co-op and habitat cop-op. Nick is currently a qualifying member of CIEEM and interested in all areas of ecology but especially hopes to expand on his botanical knowledge.

Outside of work Nick enjoys practically any sport but mainly football and rugby, and has recently taken up surfing, with varying amounts of success. Nick also enjoys cooking and baking, although probably prefers the eating.


Charlotte Hammond

Assistant Ecologist

Charlotte joined the Ecology Co-op in May 2021. She graduated with a BSc (hons) in Wildlife Conservation and Zoo Biology from the University of Salford in 2020. Her dissertation focused on the spatial ecology of Canadian Elk, where she used GIS to determine their distribution in relation to roads. Previously, Charlotte has worked as zookeeper with a variety of European wildlife at the Wildwood Trust.

Charlotte is interested in all areas of ecology and has assisted on PEAs, reptile surveys, bat emergences, dormouse and assisting colleagues on bat scoping assessment. In the future she hopes to work towards her great crested newt and bat licence.

Outside of work Charlotte enjoys paddle boarding and wildlife photography.


Jaycee Leddra

Office Manager

Jaycee joined as our office manager in February 2017. After spending many years in the education sector, Jaycee took on this role working around family commitments and has quickly adapted her previous management experience to help the company develop better administrative and accounting systems in a short space of time. As we continue to grow, Jaycee’s role is helping us to ensure that our Human Resources development continues to improve and is also managing elements of our professional accreditations, including Health and Safety and Quality Control through Achilles and SMAS.

Jaycee is the only person mad enough in the office to run a marathon!


Katy Pavey

Accounts Manager

Katy has worked at the Ecology Co-op for two years managing the company accounts and working on budgets. She keeps our clients on their toes with invoice payments and keeps our expenses in check. She operates alongside Jaycee in acting as a general office manager and keeping everything ticking over smoothly.

Away from work Katy has two adorable children and a pet husband called Stuart. She enjoys going camping, particularly around the New Forest and as you can see, she has some great surfing skills on dry land!


Jess Stone

Office Administrator

Jess joined the Ecology Co-op in March 2022 taking on the new role of Office Administrator. Prior to this she worked within the medical sector as a Medical Secretary, both within the NHS and private healthcare setting, and is very passionate about propelling the way forward to a ‘paper free’ world at work.

Outside of work Jess enjoys travelling, doing anything outdoorsy, chasing after her 2 young hell-raising nephews, and trying to curb her current houseplant addiction!