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Multi-phase developments – thinking BIG!

by Jez Cuzcow

The need for housing is always present in the UK and continually growing as population numbers rise quicker than properties can be built. In the rush to meet demand, the ecological and environmental consequences can often be overlooked. This can be particularly crucial when several development...

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The importance of gardens

by Paul Whitby

There are approximately 22.5 million gardens in the UK. They come in a huge range of sizes and extravagance, anything from a hectare in size to a few square metres and whilst some support orchards, rockeries and ponds, others may be completely bare and devoid of any life at all. Gardens are...

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Helping Hedgehogs

by Sam Lunn

With Autumn finally upon us in full force, the ashes of bonfire night still smouldering, it is perhaps ironic that national hedgehog day is just around the corner, on the 21st November. I say it’s ironic, because each year, an unknown number of hedgehogs perish in bonfires thinking that they have...

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Watch a Great Crested Newt Survey

Guidelines for the completion of eDNA surveys for great crested newts that are completed by the Ecology Co-op using the ADAS testing service.